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Why You Should Not Drink Cows Milk

Why You Should Not Drink Cows Milk

Many people are firm believers that cow’s milk is the “perfect food” and you will never be able to change their minds. But parents need to educate themselves about milk allergies and lactose intolerances with their children in mind to be forewarned. One main reason why cow’s milk isn’’t that great for you is that [...] Read more
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Soy Milk

Why you should reconsider consuming soy milk often? Soy is the Most mucous forming food on the planet. Most milk is mucous forming. When a cold develops or pneumonia sets in, the last thing offered should be a milk product due to the mucous in it. Soy is still milk, even though it is called [...] Read more
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Calcium Without Milk

You can get plenty of calcium from green leafy vegetables; cow’s milk isn’’t the best for your body… For excellent food therapy, calcium derived from dairy products, leafy greens, some nuts, and any calcium-fortified products are much better than through supplements. If the body assimilates more than the needed intake of calcium, it Read more